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“I will treat you like a gentleman, not


We are a true tobacconist...our business is tobacco!


We share your passion for a good cigar or pipe tobacco. We pride ourselves on having an outstanding selection of Premium Cigars and Pipe Tobacco that is current with the changes in the industry and customer requests. We developed several Pipe Tobacco blends at Stogie's that are sent throughout the country.  How's that for passion?


We have a full line of pipes, cigar and pipe accessories, humidors and other fine gifts from the name brand to unique boutique manufacturers. From time to time we have in store Cigar or Pipe events with manufacturers and distributors. During the summer months, if you are fortunate enough, join us at Juliano's Restaurant for a Cigar Dinner, It's just about the best meal you can have, backed up by excellent before and after cigar choices.

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